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Department 56 Little Town of Bethlehem Herod's Temple

Product Description

Herod's Temple (Set of 5) During the time of Jesus, the very heart of Jewish worship was the great Temple of Jerusalem. It was built by Herod the Great on the original site of Solomon's Temple. In an effort to win favor with the Jewish people, Herod rebuilt the Temple on a grand scale. He expanded the Temple Mount into a great platform, which covered almost 30 acres. Built of stone with marble columns and highlighted with gold, the Temple shone so brightly in the midday sun it was difficult to look at directly. In A.D. 70 the Romans tore down the Temple and left Jerusalem little more than a city of rubble to serve as a military outpost for the next 100 years. Today some foundation stones and a small portion of the Western Wall are all that remain of this magnificent structure.

  • 25th Anniversary Limited Edition of 5,600.
  • Set of 5 includes Temple, 2 piece accessory "High Priests", gate, and vinyl ancient stone courtyard.
  • Released 2000
  • Retired 2001
  • Hand Painted

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